Between HER pages

Silver Vixen
5 min readJun 7, 2022

Debut RH novel freebie today!

— Novel problems need novel solutions —

A top historical romance writer without a family tree . . . a carpenter with disgruntled demons . . . a pushy playboy millionaire. As different as these three may be, their worlds will soon collide.

At long last, bookworm Allison has made it, having attained the zenith of peace and stability in her life. A new and liberating chapter of her journey has unfolded as old ghosts fade in an underground prison. Yet, Allison’s autonomy is threatened when two handsome and very different men enter her orbit — rugged, carpenter Jackson and filthy-rich (and filthy-minded) realtor Benedict. An all-American country boy who has long been on the run and a frivolous elitist that always gets what he wants. They, too, avoid relationships like a plague, but Cupid ambushes the rebels just for the sake of irony, forcing them to face their deepest fears, redefine love, and challenge the status quo en route. Old wounds are at risk of splitting, and unforeseeable dangers await . . . but like the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun, they’re bound by cosmic forces.

Unlikely alliances, subterfuge, and battles behind dark enemy lines will mark the tale of Kennedy, Ford and Adams — romance for the ages . . .

Quick note from the author: I am still in vacation (rehab) mode after working on this novel 9 months non-stop. So, I'll keep it short and sweet. Browsing RH romances, I could not find a book that would have an interesting story line, well developed characters and give all the feels you want from a good romance within realistic settings, unless brainless porn script insta lust is your thing. So, I wrote one that made sense to me and did not insult readers intelligence. Exploring how in real life people would arrive at such situations, with trials and tribulations, angst and vulnerabilities, attraction and fire. Including weaving heavier themes in the background, challenging characters and societal norms, highlighting different realities and possibilities when the heart is in the right place. It was a fabulous journey writing this story, having an opportunity to tap into human psyche — the good, the bad and the ugly, travel to various places and taste delicious menus, and explore the complexity of individual and group dynamics.

Silver Vixen