Grandpa’s NURSE

Some mistakes pay dividends

Silver Vixen


When Levi’s senile Grandpa Bernie is booted from an old folks’ home, the Vietnam vet makes things much more interesting for everyone. Bernard has a wealth of tales about his bygone conquests, and at times, the man’s imagination “escorts” him away.

When Pappy’s new “nurse” comes to call — just where did he procure her number? — something seems a little off. The woman isn’t in sporting scrubs . . . Nonetheless, she is a pro — so what can this enchanting vixen teach the virgin, Levi?

Erotic and hysterical — a sexy, age-inclusive romp that’s bound to blow your mind.

Behind the story: The road of inspiration.

What do grandparents, escort hotline, and virgins have in common? One seemingly innocent mistake.

Almost every month, I have to explain to my grandmother how her cellphones function or try to figure out why something isn’t working because she did something, who knows what this time. Her answering or calling random numbers happens often. Not to mention a string of butt calls in most uncommon hours of the day that stirs alarm. The new era and old era can clash violently at times…

There is something bizarrely hilarious and tragic when dealing with an older person who lives in the past and has…