Orgasmic prayers

Silver Vixen


Not all pray the same way.

Though both are hot as hell and have a role to play in their best friends’ wedding, exes Kate and Patrick are polar opposites in every way. He’s still an egocentric prick; she’s still elitist to the core. One thing, however, can be agreed: their current dates — a Barbie doll and geriatric prude — are dull. What happens in the chapel may prove heavenly, indeed . . .

This time, Silver Vixen — the definitive queen of forbidden stories, risqué books, and explicit fun — delivers a tale of taboo wedding erotica to blow your mind. Though no salvation lies ahead, there will be salivation, and you’ll surely be praying for MORE!

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Behind the story: The road of inspiration.

Back in the day of my modeling enterprises, the projects and staging were as colorful as the photographers I collaborated with. One of them had a very peculiar kink and shamelessly shared his tales. Public sex is nothing new or revolutionary. However, this particular scenario was too scandalous even for an ex- “Catholic good girl” who indulged in artistic bohemianism, had a girlfriend and hitchhiked in miniskirts through France.